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Just because your wood has the tell-tale holes doesn't mean that you still have an active infestation.


We will quickly identify if your wood is still playing host to these unwanted visitors, and if so, apply a suitable pesticide.


You can also count on us to provide advice on reducing damp levels in your property.

Protect your home from the damage caused by wood-eating beetle larvae and the fungus which causes dry rot. These pests are attracted to wood that has been made soft by persistently damp conditions, so it is important to both control the problem and treat the underlying damp.

Woodworm & dry rot control

Woodworm treatment

The fungus that causes dry rot can literally result in your wood crumbling around you.


Infected wood needs to be carefully and expertly removed, followed by a thorough application of fungicide to protect your timber from re-infestation.


Call our specialists today if you suspect dry rot!

Dry rot treatment

Woodworm on a piece of wood

Don't let woodworm or rot ruin your wood!

With over 13 years' experience, a great reputation and a combination of excellent service and professional know-how, we're fully equipped to cope with your woodworm or dry rot problem.

Wood full of holes from dry rot

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